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Fundamentals of Blueprint Reading for Engineers


This course is intended as an introduction to understanding blueprints and being able to visualize and understand the intent of the designer as presented in a blueprint. The first step in providing quality of a product is interpreting the drawing correctly and applying the given information to the final product. This course is a guide to interpreting drawings commonly found in Engineering. It provides information for blueprint reading beginning with the background of blueprints, looking at the types of lines used on a drawing, and how parts are shown in different views.


At the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Visualize three-dimensional objects while viewing two-dimensional drawings
  • Interpret the following engineering drawing applications:
    • Line conventions
    • Standard drawing symbols
    • Section views
    • Screw thread representation
    • Dimensioning
    • Tolerancing
    • Machining specifications
    • Surface texture
    • Title block and parts list
    • Drawing notes
    • Drawing revision systems

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Duration: 6 Weeks