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#80 Main Road, Montrose (Upstairs The Motorists)
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Registered with the Ministry of Education
(Registration No: 1338)
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About the School of Practical Accounting

School of Practical AccountingABOUT US
The School of Practical Accounting & Accounting Services was founded in 1993 and established on 23 March, 1998 by Mr. Ronald A. Rampersad (Principal/Accountant). Its head office is located at #80 Main Road Montrose (Upstairs The Motorists). There are three sub branches located in San Fernando, San Juan and Tobago (Signal Hill Comprehensive) respectively.

It is our aim to ensure that every individual is given the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder to any desired height. SPA aspires to enhance the level of effectiveness, efficiency and competency in the workplace. Our goal is to provide a stable and structured support system and to satisfy our stakeholders' (students) needs via a highly qualified and trained team of lecturers and staff.

Registered with the Ministry of Education ( Registration No: 1338).


School of Practical Accounting and Accounting ServicesAt SPA we specialize in certificate courses. The core elements of all our courses are Practical Skills and Applications. We believe that one's practical knowledge must be advanced and expanded in order to succeed in today's competitive job market. Having knowledge in a theoretical format is futile if you cannot apply what you have learnt manually. Our courses focus on internal and take-home assignments, group discussions, workshops, evaluations and assessments. Intense steps are taken to ensure that our students obtain maximum detail and depth into each programme. Individual attention is given to all students. Our team of staff and lecturers exert major efforts to consistently strengthen and maintain the support systems and services developed. The outcome of this process is ultimately gauged towards satisfying our main stakeholders; the students. Technology, Modern Equipment and Visual Aids are utilized to enhance the student's learning experience. Our lecturers are constantly updating and upgrading their educational levels so that they can translate their knowledge gained to all students, to ultimately increase their confidence and marketability.